Traffic Rules/Vehicles Safety Measures .By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Traffic Rules/Vehicles Safety Measures .By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

1.Always obey the Traffic directions, as indicated by the Traffic Light,it is for your safety !
2.Do not move from lane to lane ,have your movement in mind ,before you enter a major road
3. The car in motion on a major road, has the right of way ,a car coming from an adjoining road ,must allow passage to a car moving on a major road .
4.Always maintain a ten metre distance with the car in front of your car !
5. Do not make or answer calls with your phone while driving ,use a hands free it is crime in Nigeria to use your phone as it is outlawed by the FRSC Establishment Act!

  1. Always wear your seat belt ,when you do most times Men of FRSC ,will not disturb you and it is for your safety as it reduces fatalities, during a ghastly motor accident!
  2. Only park in designated places ,do not park indiscriminately !
    Avoid parking in a places designated as no parking,do not make u turns in busy 4 junctions ,T-Junctions and places designated as no U-Turn Places .
    8 . Avoid driving against traffic,popularly called one way.There difference is not more than 5 Minutes ,if you turned through the long route,but the pains you cause for yourself ,should something go wrong ,could be months with a lot of money spent.
    9. When a car is already on the way , or there is likely to be a collision of your car with another ,hold your break immediately, there is no prize for a better driver. Avoid unnecessary road chances or car racing on the Major Road,driving on the High Way is not Formala 1.
    10.Make sure your particulars are upto date and your Driver’s license is original,if you did not do biometrics capture ,then it is fake !
  3. Make sure you have your caution sign ,unexpired fire extinguisher and do not ,use indiscriminate plate numbers ,they can easily be verified by Operatives of the F.R.S.C or any other relevant Agency through the National Vehicle Registration Database!
  4. When you commit a traffic infraction, politely ask for a soft landing from the F.R.S.C. Officials or other Traffic Officials.
    If they asked you for your Driver’s license find a way around it ,once you give it to them ,they got you and would use the details in your license to commence proceedings against you !
  5. Do not disobey traffics light directions for any reason ,apart from the likelihood of being caught ,if there was any accident ,you are culpable and it is a strict liability Offence !

14.Avoid living fuel ,gas cylinder or any other combustible items in your booth for a long time !

15.Avoid parking your car in an open place in big occasions, like crusades ,marriages ,weddings ,burials ,et al .criminals have master keys ,that can be used to steal your car or steal things from your car !

16.,Put an alarm security or tracker in your car ,it is cheaper in the long run and safer for you !

17.Be careful ,how you purchase a fairly used car ,make verifications from the the National Vehicle Registration Database, to ascertain ,the actual owner ,if you bought a car that is a product of armed robbery ,you would be presumed to be the armed robber, until the contrary is proven !

18.Purchase and Study the National High Way Code the Traffic Management Law of your State and the Road Traffic Act to understand the Laws better !

19.F..R.S.C. Officials Cannot impose fines ,except a Court of Competent Jurisdiction does so ,insist on your rights !They can only take you before a Court of Competent Jurisdiction and they can not impound your vehicle with out a Court Order.That is also applicable to States Traffic Management Agencies .Please see the Following cases.K.O. Obamogie v
Edo State Governor, Paul Osarenkhoe v. ESTMA,where it was also stated that FRSC has Jurisdiction on Federal Roads ,while Edo State Traffic Management Agench has Jurisdiction on State Road and Vice Versa ,in Mrs. Rita Ilori -Ogbebor v .the Federal Road Safety Commission, it was held by the Federal High Court, Warri that the Federal Road Safety does not have Jurisdictions in State Roads and their jurisdiction is restricted to Federal Roads .

20.The prescribed speed limit by Law within a City is 80 kilometers per hour ,on the high way ,it is 120 kilometres per hour !Be very careful,when ever an accident happens ,the speed,as it the time it occurs,displays and it could be used as evidence against you !

Be safe and be careful.

Always have your life in mind while driving as dead men do not tell tales .

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