ON PROFESSIONALISM: Osehon Irehovbude Esq. writes

On Professionalism

Legal practitioners must not just be seen to be working and doing the business of law, beyond that it must be done professionally and dutifully. It is really not in the number of clients a lawyer has but how well a lawyer is able to discharge his duties to those clients professionally.

One impressed and satisfied client is more than enough to connect a lawyer to a thousand clients and one dissatisfied and unimpressed client is equally enough to disconnect more than a thousand client.

Every lawyer has a loud voice hidden in his expertise, it is either connecting and recommending the lawyer or discrediting you before prospective clients. A good lawyer must be diligent, dutiful, approachable, hospitable and neat.

The welfare of every lawyer begins from the lawyer, let’s give our best professionally to our clients and watch our frontiers expand

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