NBA 2020 Elections: “ECNBA deals ONLY with Branch Chairmen/ Secretaries” Committee Warns

NBA 2020 Elections: ECNBA deals ONLY with Branch Chairmen and Secretaries

…..Warns lawyers to BEWARE of unknown persons requesting for contact details…

The Electoral Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (ECNBA) on Saturday, urged all lawyers to be on the alert against any unknown persons posing as “helpers’ and demanding contact details of colleagues.

In a short notice issued by the ECNBA it directs all complaints and queries with the election process to be forwarded to the respective branch Chairmen and/or Secretaries as the case may be.


My attention has been drawn to a post by one etsujenniffer@gmail asking people to send their corrections to her to follow up with the ECNBA.

People should be informed that the ECNBA deals only with Branch Chairmen and Secretaries where need be on issues of corrections on the Voters Register.

Colleagues should therefore beware of unknown persons requesting for their contact details.

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