Oaikhena Osagie Esq, sends Eid Mubarak, message to Muslim Lawyers, says it’s a time to reflect on our oneness as Nigerian Legal Practitioners

Oaikhena Osagie Esq, sends a Happy Mubarak, message to Muslim Lawyers. Today is a Special day, as our Muslim Brothers and Sisters celebrate Ed Mubarak. This is a time to mark the end of Ramadan, which is followed by giving of Zakat to the needy amongst us.

This is a time to reflect on our oneness as Nigerian Legal Practitioners, and be more fortified to fight against injustice and provide a helping hand to one another. May today’s Mubarak Celebration bring peace to the World and let us hope that the mercy of Almighty Allah (the most merciful) will protect us from the dreaded Covid 19 pandemic and restore peace to our already disturbed World. Happy Celebration from the depth of My Heart.

Osagie Oaikhena, L LM

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