Re: The Duty of Membership in the forthcoming elections, An Appraisal by Dennis Osaretin”–Udems invites Dennis Osaretin to EFL

Re: NBA Benin Branch By-Laws: The Duty of Membership in the forthcoming elections, An Appraisal by Dennis Osaretin”

Following the publication of the above article by Dennis Osaretin Esq., versatile legal practitioner, Mr Sylvester Udemezue having read through same, said he is inviting Mr Osaretin to the English for lawyers Forum EFL

Below are his comments on Osaretin’s write up

▪️He is a promoting young lawyer. I admire the sound reasoning in his commentaries. ▪️I am happy to hear he is a human rights activist and usually appears on tv and radio programs to propagate legal jurisprudence. ▪️I hereby invite him to join us on the English for Lawyers (EFL) forum. ▪️He would find our company satisfying. ▪️A brief look though the post below would let one into what EFL is all about. ▪️Thank you and best regards.

(a) The Nigerian Legal System (NLS) is based on the English Common Law and legal tradition by virtue of colonization and the attendant incidence of reception of English law through the process of legal transplant. Accordingly, English law has a tremendous influence on the Nigerian legal system, and it forms a substantial part of Nigerian law;

(b) The English Language is the official language (the Lingua Franca) in Nigeria and the approved language for all legal communication and legal businesses in Nigeria. Accordingly, virtually all law books, articles and opinions in Nigeria are written in the English Language; the businesses of the Courts and the legislatures in Nigeria are conducted basically in the English Language; all law businesses are conducted in the English Language.

(c) Apart from having a sound knowledge of the law, language skills are the most important tools a lawyer needs in order to succeed in the profession; every analysis of the law or legal term is hinged on the lawyer`s ability to understand and to clearly, efficiently, and effectively communicate in the English language. This makes a sound knowledge and effective command of the English Language very central to success in legal practice.
▪️This group (English for Lawyers: EFL) was set up on 31 December 2019, to provide a veritable platform for Nigerian Lawyers to come together on one platform to interact, discuss, and improve on their use of English Language for Legal Practice Communication, Legal Education, Oral Communication and for Legal Writing and Drafting. ▪️Participation in EFL Discussions: EFL is strictly for Legal Practitioners duly called to the Nigerian Bar and who have voluntarily elected to be participants or members. ▪️Accordingly, the following categories of persons are NOT eligible to be on EFL:
(a) Non-lawyers;
(b) Aspirants to the Bar (Law Students);
Discussions, messages, posts, opinions, broadcasts, articles, advertisements, promotions, campaigns or otherwise pertaining to party politics or governance issues or to politics or election of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) or to other form of politics or otherwise pertaining to race, ethnicity, religion or spirituality, tribalism, social or related issues;

Yours faithfully,
Sylvester Udemezue
(EFL Coordinator

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