Nuggets for a Lasting Marriage—By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

When you know how others failed ,then you will learn how to succeed!

If you really want to stay married ,then consider the following lessons learnt from true life situations :

1.Treat your spouse and members of the family with respect ,if you wanted to chide your spouse, do that in private .

2._Keep your family life away from close friends .Do not discuss your husband or your wife with your friends ,that is what could lead to affairs,by one spouse with the husband or wife ‘s friends.
3.Communication is key in a Marriage.Do not be too busy to communicate with your spouse either by phone calls or discussions at home ,or you won’t be too busy for a Divorce Proceedings .
4.As a Man ,Always take care of responsibilities and needs of the family, as soon you could ,it reduces tension !
5.Women should contribute to the home !Men respect women who contribute,even when you are not asked to do so ,it makes such a wife extra special and it could be a consideration ,when issues crop up and the man wants to consider a Divorce!

  1. Leave your husband’s phone alone ,I tell you with this your Marriage will last longer !
    7.Treat your husband as a king !Ensure his food is ready and that it is always in the Cooler !
    8.Forget Feminism ,if you want to have a long lasting marriage! This is just the truth ,only the profound understands !
  2. Do not cheat on your spouse ,but if you found that your spouse cheated on you ,do not go town to tell the whole world ,you will make yourself and your spouse an object of ridicule!
    10.Manage the In-law Syndrome Properly !Do not allow undue interference of your father or mother in your marriage and do not also shut out your mother in law !We operate an extended family system in Nigeria and we must learn to ,accommodate our mothers in law and fathers in law .
    11.Learn to share your concerns with each other and listen and adhere to your spouse ,when he or she is more rational !
  3. Let your spouse know about your investments and discuss with him or her before having business dealings with people .
  4. Have a lot of sex as husband and wife ,it increases the bond between couple !Denying your spouse sex always ,could be a ground for Divorce!It is called Denial of Conjugal Rights !Sex is like a Fundamental Marriage Right!
    14.Avoid unnecessary quarrels and nagging as a spouse !That could also be a ground for Divorce ,it is called cruelty or intolerability !
    15.Restrict the number of months you leave apart from your spouse ,it could be a ground for Divorce ,it is called desertion !
    16.Adultery is a major ground for Divorce ,but difficult to prove !To prove it ,you must have strong evidence !
    17.Do not keep unnecessary female or male friends !
    18.Make sure your family lacks nothing and as a man ,shower your wife with gifts and vice versa .
    19.A wife could go the extra mile ,check your husband’s clothes ,which needs mending and mend same ,this can also be vice versa !
    20.Pray together as a family!A family that prays together ,stays together !

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