The Corona Victims: By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq


The Coronavirus Victims are not those who are dead ,
“They are well out of it “,
They are those with daily pay ,
Who no longer get paid ,
But live in hunger day after day ,
They are the poor widow arrested with out face masks ,
With being giving masks ,
Told to sit on the floor ,
Persecuted for failure of Government,
Every thing in Officialdom masked .

The Corona Victims are not those in the Isolation Centres ,
They are the figures for the 9 figures ,
Pillage of the Commonwealth,
By some hawks ,
Pupils are at home,
School feeding Programme going on ,
Are they feeding ghosts?
The ghosts of the dead will haunt the execu-thieves ,
The legislachop pocketed after the lining of their pockets,
Our Government are like pick pockets ,
Plundering with out conscience,
Giving cash to ghost poor in a cashless Society ,
The number rises but we do see the people behind the numbers ,
Abracadabra ,the more you look ,
The less you see ,
I am lost at sea ,
Locking down when the cases are low ,
Opening up when the cases are high ,
A contrast that depicts the dire state of the State ,
People die more of hunger than of Corona.

The Real Corona Victims are :
The Poor Market Woman whose vegetable is left to rot in the Mobile Court ,
While the Court itself festers in rot ,
The poor old woman clamped down with no face masks,
The poor pupils whose food are being given to ghost pupils,
With billions stolen week by week ,
While the pupils go weak of hunger.

The Real Victims ,
Are the Doctors and Nurses who are put on the road to death ,
With no proper gears that will lead to their death.

The Real Victims are you and me ,
Bank Account Holders whose Billions are donated,
Same Billions taken to the same Banks ,
Who now deduct 50 Naira ,
From Accounts to get back their Naira .

While we strive and some starve ,
Others are smiling to the Bank ,
Buying houses and buying cars ,
With blood money ,
Money meant to save the poor who are now dead ,
They drink campaign with glasses dripping with blood ,
Blood of those who died from their thievery,
They too are the final victims?,
Caught up by Karma ,
When you smile while other people die,
Have this in mind :
You will die one day !

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