Construction expert blames Govt, others for building collapses


May 04 2020

Mr Ikechukwu Madu, a civil engineer, has blamed stakeholders in the building profession as cause of building collapses being witnessed in the country and called for renewing vigour and sincerity in the profession.
In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Awka, Madu called on all stakeholders to retrace their steps to avert wanton loss of lives and property.
“Governments at all level should have adequate supervising outfit and manpower to monitor the numerous buildings springing up to ascertain their compliance to standard.
“Some clients prefer cheap engineers to get their job done due to cost involved in engaging qualified ones.
“While some engineers, due to the lack of job, will accept to bend the rules of standard practice due to the economic downturns turn rather than protecting their name, ” he said.
Madu called for a stop to sharp practices in the building industry, the loss of which he said are often colossus.
“All hands must be on deck in stopping defective buildings from springing up to forestall avoidable loss of lives and property.
“Nobody knows who the victims of such disaster will be; that is why it is said you don’t throw stone into the market, because you don’t know who it will hit, ” he said. 

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