2 Paris police officers suspended over racist remarks

Paris, April 28, 2020

Two Paris police officers have been suspended after being caught on tape making racist remarks about a man they had just taken into custody.

The incident in a Paris suburb occurred at the weekend when a man was detained after he jumped into the Seine River as he was being chased by the police officers.

The police suspected him of involvement in a crime.

The footage posted on Twitter shows the officers using an extremely offensive word for men from North Africa and making other derogatory comments.

“A video showing a police intervention around the Ile-Saint-Denis has provoked legitimate indignation,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner tweeted on Monday, promising an investigation.

Later the same day, Paris police announced that the two officers have been suspended as an internal investigation gets under way.

The incident took place in the Seine-Saint-Denis suburb north of Paris, an area that has seen complaints of police violence or discriminatory policing since a coronavirus lockdown went into effect on March 17.

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